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Which GALILEO Institutions No Longer Provide GALILEO Password Access? 2023-06-20
Which GALILEO Institutions Support Single Sign On (SSO) Access via OpenAthens? 2023-06-20
Why am I seeing no data for some databases in the GALILEO Statistics Tool? 2023-06-20
How do the database vendors define Searches, Full Text, Citations, and Database Sessions? 2023-06-20
How do I link directly to a bento box search page, for example, can I search just in the scholarly articles bento box? 2022-12-29
How do I share my bento search results? 2022-12-29
I’m having an issue with PowerNotes, how can I get help? 2022-10-19
How do I access and use the full version of PowerNotes at my college/university? 2022-10-11
Why am I now asked to login with my PINES ID and password when I access my public library’s GALILEO databases from home? 2022-01-27
How do GoView students, faculty, and staff get access to GALILEO? 2021-11-01
How do I access the elementary, middle, and high school views in GALILEO Search? 2021-07-16
What material types are mapped to the bento boxes in bento search results? 2021-07-15
What is the GALILEO bento search? 2021-07-06
How do I add keywords to databases managed by GALILEO? 2021-06-25
How do I add subjects to databases managed by GALILEO? 2021-06-25
How do I update my institution’s information in GALILEO Admin? 2021-06-25
How do I update the links for my institution in the “About” area? 2021-06-25
How do I update the “Tools” area of GALILEO Search? 2021-06-25
How do I update wayfinder keywords? 2021-06-25
What is ZoteroBib? 2021-05-24
How can I access a free trial of PowerNotes at my K-12 school or public library? 2021-04-07
How do I link directly to kids’ views for K-12 schools and public libraries? 2021-03-17
How do I access and link to an A-Z list of GALILEO resources? 2020-09-25
How can I get a list of all my institution’s resources? 2020-07-17
How do I add a GALILEO search box to my library’s website? 2020-07-17
How do I change the featured resources within the “In the Spotlight” area? 2020-07-17
How do I add or update my institution’s logo in GALILEO Admin? 2020-07-16
How do I hide a resource from displaying in the database search results? 2020-07-16
How do I manage my institution’s GLRI branding in GALILEO Admin? 2020-07-15
How do I get a list of all my institution’s express links? 2020-07-15
I used to be able to log in to GALILEO as a guest. Can I still access resources like the Digital Library of Georgia and the New Georgia Encyclopedia? 2020-07-14
Is usage data for my institution’s locally integrated resources (GLRI) in the reporting tool? 2020-07-14
Why am I seeing no data when I run a report for a recent month? 2020-07-14
Why am I seeing zeros for one resource, while I’m seeing data for another resource for the same month? 2020-07-14
Can reports be saved for later viewing? 2020-07-14
Can you run a usage report for a specific public K-12 school or public library? 2020-07-14
How do I run a report for a group of institutions or databases? 2020-07-14
Is the data in the GALILEO reporting tool COUNTER compliant? 2020-07-14
Where does data in the GALILEO Usage Reporting Tool come from? 2020-07-14
When is the GALILEO Usage Statistics Reporting Tool updated? 2020-07-14
How do I access GALILEO usage data? 2020-07-14
What do each of the fields in a GLRI record do? 2020-07-13
What is GALILEO Admin? 2020-07-13
How do I get a GALILEO Admin account? 2020-07-13
How do I add a new GLRI record in GALILEO Admin? 2020-07-13
How do I edit a GLRI after it’s been added? 2020-07-13
How do I add GALILEO provided ebook MARC records into my catalog? 2020-07-10
What HTML tags can be used in GALILEO Admin? 2020-07-10
Can I bookmark or post a direct link to GALILEO pages? 2020-06-25
Can I access GALILEO from PINES? 2020-06-24
How do I update my institution’s IP addresses? 2020-06-24
How do I save to Google Drive in GALILEO databases? 2020-06-24
How do I learn about new, updated or deleted titles in GALILEO ebook databases? 2020-06-23
How can GoView faculty access and use GALILEO content in their courses? 2020-06-23
How do I create a search box for Consumer Reports for my library website? 2020-06-23
How do I add a LibGuide in a Brightspace (D2L) course? 2020-06-23
How do I insert Films on Demand videos into my Brightspace (D2L) course? 2020-06-22
What is the branding policy for Discover GALILEO? 2020-06-22
How does EBSCO determine the relevance of search results? 2020-06-22
When I use the Discover GALILEO search, where does it look for content? 2020-06-22
What devices support downloads for EBSCO eBooks? 2020-06-22
How do I use the EBSCOhost search box widget? 2020-06-18
Who has GALILEO access? 2020-06-18
When does my GALILEO password change? 2020-06-18
Is there a GALILEO app? 2020-06-17
How do I see my active GLRI records? 2020-06-17
Where do I find the ADA accessibility statements for GALILEO vendors? 2020-06-16
How do I view EBSCO eBooks on my computer? 2020-06-16
How do I view ebooks on my mobile device? 2020-06-16
How do I log into GALILEO Admin? 2020-06-12
How do I get a GALILEO password? 2020-06-12
How do I narrow my search results in Discover GALILEO? 2020-06-11
How can librarians and media specialists be notified of GALILEO password changes? 2020-06-11
Are my library’s locally purchased databases (GLRI) resources included in the GALILEO journals A-Z list? 2020-06-08
Is ProQuest included in Discover GALILEO? 2020-06-08
Is GALILEO available on mobile devices? 2020-06-08
How do I log in to GALILEO? 2020-06-08
Why are there multiple options for full text for some journals? 2020-06-08
How can I make sure GALILEO databases are allowed by my firewall? 2020-06-05
How do I find or browse GALILEO databases? 2020-06-05
How can I create buttons to link to databases on my library website? 2020-06-05
How can I integrate GALILEO resources into Follett Destiny? 2020-06-05
Can I add locally purchased databases to my institution’s GALILEO database list? 2020-06-05
What is the spotlight area in GALILEO? 2020-06-04
What databases do I have access to in GALILEO? 2020-06-04
How do I find an article? 2020-06-04
How do I find definitions for library terms? I need to find a scholarly article. 2020-06-04
How do I start my research in GALILEO? 2020-06-04
What can I do in GALILEO? 2020-06-04
How do I search for content by Lexile or grade level? 2020-06-04
How do I print, email, or save my results list from GALILEO Search? 2020-06-03
How can I find a list of all journals and magazines in GALILEO? 2020-06-03
How can I request training for my school, library, or other group? 2020-06-03
How do I choose a database? 2020-06-02
How do I cite sources I find in GALILEO? 2020-06-02
How do I find a picture in GALILEO? 2020-06-02
What is a GALILEO Express Link? 2020-06-02
What is OpenAthens? 2020-06-02