Portal Redesign Information

This webpage is intended to update the public (especially librarians and admin contacts) on important dates, webinars and guidelines associated with the GALILEO portal redesign project.

The first phase of the GALILEO Search redesign was completed in July 2020. It included changing the way the homepage looks, as well as upgrades to how users find resources and databases. The second phase will include additional refinements, including a bento box results display available to the public in July 2021.

The GALILEO development team consistently works to upgrade GALILEO Search, and ongoing improvements will also be publicized here.

Timeline and Important Dates:

  • March 2021: Public library views
  • April 2021: Prototype of bento box release
  • May 2021: Internal and accessibility testing
  • July 2021: Bento box results display available


Prior to the July 2021 release, GALILEO will announce virtual training on new features. Stay tuned.

Photo Guidelines

In most cases, photos should be owned and approved for use by your institution. Many universities have approved images that can be used for university marketing purposes, which would include using those photos on the GALILEO portal. If using a photo to represent a database, vendor-approved photos are acceptable in this case. If you would like to use staff- or student-generated photos, that is also OK. However, these photos must be of high quality and be taken in a public space, and you must obtain express authorization from the owner to use the photo. No identifiable pictures of minors. No images of products. No nudity or sexually explicit content. GALILEO staff reserves the right to reject or delete any photo that does not follow these guidelines.

Photo size and format requirements: Spotlight Section Area: 328x164px

example spotlight sized image

July 14, 2023

  • GALILEO Admin: Added advanced institution filtering for several related areas (Contacts, GLRI Resources, etc)
  • GALILEO Admin: Update Rails
  • GALILEO Admin: Fixed "We're sorry, but something went wrong." error when editing institution record as institutional user

June 2, 2023

  • GALILEO Admin: Added "Previous Password" field to institution edit form

May 5, 2023

  • GALILEO Admin: Expanded error message text for recent password changes
  • GALILEO Admin: Allowed hiding of "Peer Reviewed" and "Library Catalog" limiter on eds_resource and eds_custom bentos

May 19, 2023

  • GALILEO Admin: Added Download CSV button to Resources
  • GALILEO Admin: Added CSV button for Contacts and Institutions

April 7, 2023:

  • GALILEO Search: Created tool to convert EZProxied EBSCO Permalinks to OA Proxy Permalinks
  • GALILEO Admin: Added Institutional Branding Option for core GALILEO resource allocation
  • GALILEO Admin: Allowed Institutions to change the display name of core resource
  • GALILEO Admin: Removed "scope" option from Primo bento service credentials
  • GALILEO Admin: Encoded EDS search query in URL when encoding link for OA Proxy

March 3, 2023:

  • GALILEO Search: Hid "Peer Reviewed Journals" limiter when limiting to library catalog.
  • GALILEO Search: Updated rails
  • GALILEO Admin: Allowed Institutions to change the display name of core resources
  • GALILEO Admin: Minor updates to rails

Feb. 24, 2023:

  • GALILEO Admin & Search: Added options to suppress boolean EDS limiters on a per-bento basis
  • GALILEO Admin: Fixed "something went wrong" error when trying to run Resources Report for an institution in prod/staging.
  • GALILEO Admin: Fixed contacts report, was failing on contacts without an institution

Jan. 13, 2023:

  • GALILEO Search: Add FAQ button to header
  • GALILEO Search: Add FAQ links to tour
  • GALILEO Search: Fixes for EDS bentos
  • GALILEO Search: Page-specific tooltips for tour button
  • GALILEO Search: Styled topbar section with new FAQ link
  • GALILEO Search: Updated rocket icon in hero. increased background opacity for accessibility.
  • GALILEO Search: Refine-able results: permalink should not include page number
  • GALILEO Search: Only display Library Catalog Only Limiter for institutions who have EDS Custom Catalog Setup
  • GALILEO Admin: Implemented undelete for Bento versioning
  • GALILEO Admin: Accommodated new response format for EDS API

Jan. 31, 2023:

  • GALILEO Search: Implemented Institution-agnostic links for individual bento pages
  • GALILEO Search: Rails Security patches

Dec. 2, 2022

  • GALILEO Search: Refinable results permalink modal
  • GALILEO Search: Added bento links to list of shareable links
  • GALILEO Search & Admin: Powernotes - Allow for different links for academic insts
  • GALILEO Search: Fix: EDS bentos without additional limiter clauses fail with blank search
  • GALILEO Search: Fix: DLG bento is OR-ing search terms instead of AND-ing
  • GALILEO Search: Added OpenAthens Org ID to two reports: Institutions IPs/OA and Institution Group IPs/OA.
  • GALILEO Admin: Fixed error when notifying individual contact of current GALILEO password for a specific institution

Dec. 19, 2022

  • GALILEO Search: Implemented refine-able results views, allowing for further filtering of the results in individual bento boxes.
  • GALILEO Search: Updated/improved tour of bento results and refine-able results pages.
  • GALILEO Search: New homepage tour button
  • GALILEO Search: Rails security updates
  • GALILEO Search & Admin: Added new CRDL bento and DLG bentos
  • GALILEO Search: Expand date limiters by default
  • GALILEO Search: Page through EDS results more performantly
  • GALILEO Search: More facet results for DLG bento
  • GALILEO Search: Show Publication Finder HTTP errors as "possibly intermittent"
  • GALILEO Search: Pre-sort journals facet items by count, descending
  • GALILEO Admin: Included bento customizations in history
  • GALILEO Admin: Added support for CRDL API

Nov. 4, 2022

  • GALILEO Search: Title links are now GALILEO express links rather than EDS links.
  • GALILEO Search: Added annual survey banner for 2022-11.
  • Fixed: GALILEO comment form does not generate ticket if no last name is entered.

Nov. 16, 2022

  • GALILEO Search: DLG bento refinements
  • GALILEO Search: Add password to survey banner

October 7, 2022:

  • GALILEO Search: Improvements to Digital Library of Georgia bento (now able to use DLG API)
  • GALILEO Search: Other Bento improvements
  • GALILEO Search: Full-text limiter now carries over into EDS when clicking “refine search” links
  • GALILEO Search: Back-end Bento work supporting unreleased new features/enhancements
  • GALILEO Admin: Sites Report/CSV loader
  • GALILEO Admin: Ability to search or limit deleted contacts (for GSS staff view)
  • GALILEO Admin: Added ability to search allocations and institution resources
  • GALILEO Admin: Added support for DLG (digital Library of Georgia) Bento

Oct. 21, 2022

  • GALILEO Search & Admin: Added Sentry, a log analyzer, to help the GALILEO team track down any issues that occur  (not public facing).
  • GALILEO Search: Back-end security updates

September 7, 2022:

  • GALILEO Admin: Added Allocations Tab (for GSS staff view)
  • GALILEO Added OpenAthens status to institution overview page
  • GALILEO Admin: Change staging log_level to info
  • GALILEO Admin: Added Display status to Resource overview page
  • GALILEO Admin: Allocation filter fixes
  • GALILEO Admin: Bento fix: Receiving "Something went wrong" error when accessing an institution's bento area

September 9, 2022:

  • GALILEO Search: Additional spam filtering on contact form
  • GALILEO Admin: Create stats database
  • GALILEO Admin: Remove community costshare from subscription types
  • GALILEO Admin: Added Institution Resources CSV export button (for GSS staff view)

August 3, 2022:

  • GALILEO Search: Security updates
  • GALILEO Admin: Add Open Athens API Name field to institution

August 26, 2022:

  • GALILEO Admin: Added a link to the OpenAthens test link generation tool on the resources page.
  • GALILEO Admin: Added subscription_type to allocations
  • GALILEO Admin: Upgraded Rails
  • GALILEO Admin: Improved some filter sorting
  • GALILEO Admin: Remove unsupported values from populate_subscription_types
  • GALILEO Admin: Fixed: Institution sites overview page is showing two edit buttons.

July 1, 2022:

  • GALILEO Search: Allow individual deletion of recent institutions under wayfinder
  • GALILEO Search: Some accessibility fixes
  • GALILEO Admin: Added ability to add contacts to vendor records

July 15, 2022:

  • GALILEO Search: Disabled SMS feature, as it doesn’t work for some carriers.
  • GALILEO Search: Fixed awkward styles on wayfinder recent institutions
  • GALILEO Search: Mercer University express link trying to authenticate as Mercer Law or Mercer Medical
  • GALILEO Admin: Added the ability to search for sites
  • GALILEO Admin: Allow individual password notifications from Contacts page
  • GALILEO Admin: Various security updates

July 27, 2022:

  • GALILEO Search: Created new DLG/GHNP/CRDL Support/Contact Us forms
  • GALILEO Admin: Fixed institutional IP issue when an institution becomes active
  • GALILEO Admin: Performance tweaks for loading resource edit page
  • GALILEO Admin: Fix: When validating IPs, don't compare to inactive institutions

May 6, 2022:

  • GALILEO Admin: Rails updates

May 19, 2022:

  • GALILEO Search: Added Google Analytics event tracking for when switching between classic/bento 
  • GALILEO Search: Rails update

April 8, 2022:

  • GALILEO Search: Updated favicon with new logo (includes Greenland)
  • GALILEO Search: "Continue Search" button sometimes shows up when it shouldn't
  • GALILEO Admin: Allow multiple IPs in credentials for stats reports
  • GALILEO Admin & Search: Security updates

April 22, 2022:

  • GALILEO Admin: Created a mechanism to have a bento type specify the name of the service credentials it should be paired with
  • GALILEO Admin & Search: Security updates

March 8, 2022:

  • GALILEO Search: Updated database subjects to sort alphabetically
  • GALILEO Search: Updated Primo journals bento for compatibility with Primo VE
  • GALILEO Search & Admin: Security updates

March 25, 2022:

  • GALILEO Search: Improvements to GALILEO embedded search
  • GALILEO Search: Fix: When using the embedded search box, if you already have an OpenAthens session, then run a GALILEO bento search, you are prompted for a login.
  • GALILEO Search: Fix: K-12 View GALILEO bento search box still asks user to select a view
  • GALILEO Search: Fixed bug that made bento searches fail when search terms contain "%"
  • GALILEO Search: For EDS bentos, force users to move to EBSCO's site after viewing 12 pages of "more results", as further pages get increasingly slow
  • GALILEO Admin: added option to specify service credentials as "default for view"
  • GALILEO Admin: added option to make custom EDS bentos behave like "Encyclopedia"
  • GALILEO Admin: Make CSV importer function with multiple EDS service credentials for same inst/view

February 11, 2022:

  • GALILEO Search: Improved alignment of buttons in bento displays
  • GALILEO Search: Security updates
  • GALILEO Admin: Bug fix: Testing EDS credentials fails for newly-created service credentials
  • GALILEO Admin: Ruby upgrade

February 25, 2022:

  • GALILEO Search & Admin: Security Updates

January 7, 2022:

  • GALILEO Search: Reworked "Research Starters" bento
  • GALILEO Search: Made custom catalog "online access" links show up in bento results
  • GALILEO Search: For the embedded GALILEO search box, show the bento option first
  • GALILEO Admin: Add EDS gem
  • GALILEO Admin: Allowed "eds_resource" bentos to use multiple DBs
  • GALILEO Admin: Add research_starters to the "special bento" list
  • GALILEO Admin: Be more consistent about validating bento "service field prerequisites"
  • GALILEO Admin: Auto-populate description on new bento form; don't default to the first bento type.

January 14, 2022:

  • GALILEO Search & Admin: Allowed for customized "no results..." messages

January 28, 2022:

  • GALILEO Admin: Fix Firefox-specific errors in drag-and-drop view that resulted in a message for the format "Unable to connect: An error occurred during a connection to 0.0.x.x.".
  • GALILEO Admin: Firefox-compatible styles for placeholder in bento drag-and-drop view
  • GALILEO Admin: Workaround for Safari-specific behavior that doesn't hide unavailable bento type option from new bento form
  • GALILEO Admin: Fix issue that prevented creation of new bentos that don't require service credentials

December 3, 2021:

  • GALILEO Search: We now allow admins to change Publication Finder API profile.
  • GALILEO Search: Changed “Galileo” to “GALILEO” in user facing text
  • GALILEO Search: Changed “Express Link” button to a “share” icon, next to the database name, and changed the tooltip.
  • GALILEO Search: Improved behavior of bento description popovers
  • GALILEO Search: Added “Try Bento” checkbox to embedded search box
  • GALILEO Admin: Added Publication finder API profile field
  • GALILEO Admin: Various user experience improvements to bento configuration.

December 16, 2021:


  • Added ability to pull Journals Bento data from Alma API
  • Added bento box for print materials, sourcing data from EDS
  • Fixed Bento results horizontal scrollbar issue
  • Fixed Incorrect Number of Arguments error when trying to display EDS Custom Resource for resource with colon in name
  • Fixed New Georgia Encyclopedia / Custom Catalog “Online Access” links not showing in Bento Box
  • Fixed: New bento with no set sort order displays first even though it shows last in GALILEO Admin
  • Make “Databases” bento layout match other bentos


  • Add Service credential field to the edit page for Galileo created Bentos
  • Give access to allocation K-12 view management to institutional users
  • Drag and drop view: Show confirmation when saving changes that include deletions.
  • Fixed bug: Error when downloading BentoConfigs/Service Credentials.
  • Performance improvements made to restore of default configured bentos process
  • Various fixes and improvements to Bento configuration

—Updated Ruby on Rails

December 20, 2021: (phase 3 redesign)


  • Redesigned search homepage with tabbed search box (two tabs, “Bento” and “Classic Search”) and removed databases by Subject/Type from homepage. Made Bento Search the default search.
  • Display bento descriptions (via hovering over the info icon)
  • Add express links to databases bento and replace express link button with icon site-wide


  • Institution-user management of bentos
  • Suppress warning when custom catalog bento is skipped when restoring defaults

November 5, 2021:

  • Improved spam detection on contact page
  • Fairly major changes to welcome page to help guide users with the login process
  • GALILEO Admin: Extensive improvements to bento configuration, allowing institutional control over many aspects of the bento search. These settings will be made available to institutional users in a future release.

November 19, 2021:

  • Fixed layout issue caused by the survey alert
  • Alphabetized badges on the “More Info” database search page
  • GALILEO Admin: Added breadcrumbs, continued improvements to bento configuration logic
  • GALILEO Search and Admin: Moved new behind-the-scenes bento configuration logic into production
  • GALILEO Admin: Fixed: When a subject is changed/deleted, all its resources’ allocations need to be reindexed

October 8, 2021:

* Fixed: “Availability” link was incorrectly displaying for Britannica results in the Encyclopedia bento box.

* Minor improvements to the data importer

October 22, 2021:

* Implement user view limiters

* Adjusted iframe height of embedded search box when logo/url is removed

* Fixed Unhandled bento exception should result in special error message with “contact support” link

* Updated Puma

* Fixed proxy access to non-openathens resource

* Various under-the-hood improvements to bento logic.

September 10, 2021:

* Improvements to database search: Made “sort by relevance” aware of selected facets by default

* GALILEO Admin: Added Serial Count Report

September 24, 2021:

* Improvements to logic that arranges the bento boxes on the bento search results page.

* Improvements to links stats.

* GALILEO Support form spam filtering improvements.

August 13, 2021:

* Some Ruby Gem updates

* Added some tests

* GALILEO Admin: Added product_suite to Institution Allocation report

* GALILEO Admin: Some database cleanup of old data from INDB

August 27, 2021:

* Made login with PINES ID redirect to OpenAthens for OA-enabled institutions

* Updated Rails

* GALILEO Admin: Bug Fix: Allocations not appearing on subject show page for allocation subjects.

* Added back “Refine Search” button on bento “more results” modal. This was previously removed due to an EDS-related issue.

* LearningExpress and Encyclopedia bentos now more closely match EDS search results.

* Fixed Bug: Redirects to EDS landed at a blank search screen for users logged in via OpenAthens but eligible to be logged in via IP authentication

* Added automatic retry for a certain intermittent EDS API errors on bento page

* Moved the option to try the new bento search into production. The bento interface searches everything at once - databases, articles, eBooks, primary sources and more, and organizes the results into bento boxes for easier access.

* Moved new header design into production

* Added “Tour” to navigateusers through the new site revisions

* Minor improvements to OpenAthens login logic

* Ruby gem updates

  • Improvements to "what's new" functionality
  • Bug fix for "Contact Us" mailer: blank attachments were causing an error
  • GALILEO Admin: Added a report showing deleted contacts and minor bug fixes, including no longer showing inactive institutions in the pulldown on the user invitation form
  • GALILEO Admin: Removed "default" from "view type" menus for public libraries

  • Minor bug fix for wayfinder keywords
  • GALILEO Admin: Move GLRI tools link feature into production
  • GALILEO Admin: Allow institutional users edit powernotes/zoterobib booleans

  • Added ZoteroBib to Tools area on main GALILEO Search page (ZoteroBib helps you build a bibliography instantly from any computer or device, without creating an account or installing any software.)
  • GALILEO database search enhancement: The formats, subjects, keywords, and vendors shown on the “more” page now link to a search.
  • GALILEO Admin enhancement: Institutional admins can now choose to exclude the PowerNotes and ZoteroBib links that normally show on the GALILEO Search page in the tools area.

  • GALILEO Admin enhancement: Added new fields to resources. New fields include “serial count” and “resource category”
  • Minor fixes/improvements to IP and password authentication

  • Added release notes link to GALILEO Search footer
  • GALILEO Admin: Added ability for GA institutional users to update institutional logo and links.
  • GALILEO Admin: Added ability for GA Institutions users to add keywords to Wayfinder for institution and sites.

  • GALILEO Admin: Added ability to add additional existing subject categories to resource allocations for GALILEO central resources.
  • Upgraded Ruby on Rails

  • Reporting improvements in GALILEO Admin
  • Updated Puma (Ruby on Rails web server)
  • Bug fix: Remote logins for old sessions were not working

  • Added PowerNotes FAQ link to tools area
  • Fixed express link issue with spotlight section (added logic to identify and remove extra spaces after URLs)
  • Minor update to Ruby on Rails

  • Added ability for public libraries to chose between elementary, middle school, high school and full views
  • Added ability to use keywords (such as “UGA”) when trying to find your institution in the wayfinder
  • “Change View” button: make outline more visible
  • Various fixes related to IP auth, proxy, etc.

  • Design changes to embedded search box

  • Fixed: Redirect URLs not IP authenticating

- Fixed various linking issues

  • Fixed issues with “What’s New” and views
  • GALILEO Admin: Added contact group for OpenAthens IdP contacts

  • Upgrade to Ruby 2.7
  • GALILEO Admin: Added ability for institutions to request a specific GALILEO password (GALILEO support team implements.)

  • Added ability to press enter in wayfinder to autoselect institution
  • Fixed: Inactive institutions still have instruction pages
  • GALILEO Admin: Added ability to select multiple Institutions, vendors, resources for respective allocation reports

  • New favicon
  • GALILEO Admin: Created IP cache look-up tool
  • GALILEO Admin: Add pines_codes to institution edit form
  • We now validate institution and resource codes in paths (routes)
  • We now suppress display of user-provided parameter value in error message

  • Added path/route for database more info page
  • Fixed: Search "Start Over" button does not retain the 'view' parameter
  • Fixed: Database show page 'Back to Search' button not lined up

  • Fixed: A-Z bar facets not retaining view parameter
  • Added “sharable links” page with shortcut URLs in tools section of homepage
  • Fixed: Can’t log out if institution does not have ezproxy defined, e.g., guest

  • Added A-Z horizontal facet
  • Updated Georgia Public Library Service password instructions to reflect PINES e-card

  • Added “Database List” link on the tools section of homepage.
  • Added “1000” option to “per page” pull-down on search displays
  • Added support for “view” shortcut URLs
  • Hero image (cover image) on wayfinder page now changes when a “view” shortcut URL is clicked
  • Minor update addressing vulnerability