Vision and Mission


GALILEO facilitates the creation of knowledge and provides tools and resources for all Georgians to meet their lifelong learning needs.

Vivid Description

GALILEO will build on its unique role at the juncture of private and public institutions to become known as a statewide, collaborative, innovative platform integrated into libraries across the educational spectrum. GALILEO will support all Georgians as they move from childhood to adulthood, from inquiry to application, and from students to successful participants in the knowledge-based economy, resulting in an informed and well-educated Georgia.

GALILEO will further leverage statewide purchasing power to license high-quality resources efficiently on behalf of all Georgians. GALILEO will work with Georgia libraries and other educational institutions to provide free and open access to historical, cultural, and educational content. GALILEO will connect people with the right resource or tool, at the right time, in the right format.


As Georgians move through their various educational, work, and personal environments, they will seamlessly access the resources available to them regardless of their various roles. Technological advances will influence an ever-evolving, user-focused experience that is elegant, helpful, clear, and personalized to meet the needs of the individual learner and teacher.


Serve as Georgia’s statewide virtual library providing:

  1. Equitable access to core high-quality instructional and informational resources to all Georgians
  2. Access to the tools necessary to help Georgians become lifelong learners
  3. Partnerships that create open access to historical, cultural, and educational content for and about Georgia
  4. Interface(s) that are easy to access and designed and customized to meet the needs of GALILEO libraries and the learners they serve

Facilitate the efficient and cost-effective provision of library services across the state through collaborative resource acquisition, training, and sharing of workflows, resources, and technological infrastructure.