Why am I now asked to login with my PINES ID and password when I access my public library’s GALILEO databases from home?


GALILEO is working with Georgia’s public libraries to make it easier for patrons to login to GALILEO and GALILEO databases from home.

For library patrons with Georgia PINES cards, this implementation will be completed by April 30, 2022. As of February 1, 2022, there are 26 library systems utilizing the new system. Click here to see if your library is now using Single Sign On (SSO) via PINES for access to online resources.

GALILEO access for patrons in the library will remain as it is now, no additional login is required to access GALILEO in your PINES public library.

How do I login?

  • This video shows how to login to GALILEO resources listed on your library’s web page using your PINES login.
  • This video shows how to find your library and login to GALILEO using your PINES login.
  • What happened to the GALILEO password? I don’t have a PINES card–how do I get one?

    While password access is still available, the preferred access path for authorized users is the PINES login, and users may encounter issues with some resources when accessing via password.

    Users that do not have a PINES card can apply for a card online, and a PINES card number that may be used to access GALILEO will be automatically issued. You can also apply for a PINES card at any PINES library branch.

    If you have a PINES card and still have issues accessing GALILEO, contact your PINES public library for assistance.

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