How do I learn about new, updated or deleted titles in GALILEO ebook databases?


Below, you will find a description of the ebook collection update notification options available from EBSCO and ProQuest.

If you have questions about other GALILEO vendors, please submit a support request via the GALILEO contact form.

EBSCO maintains the following general schedule for quarterly additions and removals:

* January: Additions and removals
* April: Additions
* July: Additions and removals
* October: Additions

EBSCO notifies users 4-6 weeks before ebook additions/deletions become effective. There is a notification Listserv available. Please contact GALILEO support via the contact us form if you would like to subscribe to the notification list.

EBSCO also maintains a list of ebook subscription update files on their website. You will find Excel spreadsheets with additions, removals, and revisions.

ProQuest maintains a semiannual schedule for removals from its Ebook Central collections.

* End of June
* End of December

Most new titles will be added to Ebook Central on the following quarterly schedule:

* End of March
* End of June
* End of September
* End of December

The MARC update files that are released when titles are added to or deleted are accessible on LibCentral, the Ebook Central administration site, as described in this support article. There is also an email Listserv. Please contact GALILEO support via the contact us form to be added to the notification Listserv for Ebook Central content updates.

If you would like to know when titles have been added or deleted, you can sign up to receive email updates. The emails will contain a link to a zipped file that will contain MARC files and spreadsheets of titles that have been added and deleted. The default schedule for these updates is monthly; however, they can be configured to be sent daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, or quarterly.

To sign up to receive updates:

  • Email and request to receive add/delete title notifications.
  • Specify frequency of updates (default is monthly).

If you need older versions of the additions and deletions lists, or if you need additional information, please Contact GALILEO support.

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