How do I add keywords to databases managed by GALILEO?


For GALILEO-managed databases (databases that are provided by GALILEO), GALILEO has assigned keywords for each database. However, using GALILEO Admin, you can add additional keywords to these resources. These additional keywords can only be seen by your institution. You can also assign keywords for local resources (GLRI) set up in GALILEO Admin.

To add additional keywords, follow these steps:

Institution Resources

  1. Select the “Resources” button on your institution page in GALILEO Admin.

Customize Resources

  1. Search/browse for the GALILEO-managed resource where you’d like to add keywords.

  2. Select the “Customize” button.

New Keywords

  1. In the “Keywords” area, you will see “Keywords from GALILEO,” which contains keywords assigned by GALILEO, and a field for “Additional Keywords.” Add additional keywords you’d like to add in the “Additional Keywords” field. Each keyword/phrase must placed on a separate line.

Update Allocations

  1. Select the “Update Allocation” button at the bottom of the page.

Keywords Show Page

After the allocation saves, you will be taken to the “show” page. On this page you will be able to see all keywords, keywords from GALILEO, and additional keywords.

You will now see your keywords listed within the resource’s “More Info” page.

Keywords More Info

If you would like to be able to log in to GALILEO Admin and add keywords to GALILEO-managed resources, please submit a ticket to GALILEO Support to request an account and training.

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