How do I access the elementary, middle, and high school views in GALILEO Search?


GALILEO provides kids’ views/pages for K-12 and public libraries. The kids’ views are customized to provide appropriate and useful content by grade levels.

There are several ways to access the K-12 and public library kids views, which are:

  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • High School

    The available kids’ views for public libraries are the same. The full content view for public libraries is found in the “Full View.” Public library users will be presented with an option to choose their view each time they log in, and users can change views any time during a GALILEO session.

    If a K-12 user is on their school’s campus and automatically authenticated into GALILEO, they will be prompted to choose a view when they first access the GALILEO Search homepage:

    GALILEO Views

    The GALILEO wayfinder lets K-12 users log in by school name. GALILEO still authenticates users by password at the school district level, but when users specify their school before they enter the GALILEO password, they are routed to the appropriate view based on school type.


    If a student chooses their elementary school and then enters the GALILEO password, they will automatically be logged in to the elementary school view. Public library users are prompted to select a view at login. Users may change views at any time:


    For example, if an elementary school student uses a home computer to access Britannica Elementary, and then a high schooler in the same household needs to use Advanced Placement Source, the high schooler can simply change views as seen below:

    switch views middle to high

    The educator view is designed to provide K-12 media specialists, teachers, student teachers and staff with access to resources they can use for research and professional development.

    The full view provides full access to content for public library users.

    You can view a short video about the K-12 views in GALILEO Search here.

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