How do I add a LibGuide in a Brightspace (D2L) course?


A faculty member or a librarian with instructor permissions can add course or subject specific LibGuides or a link to your library’s LibGuides in a D2L course. This is done using the Quicklink feature in D2L.

In D2L:

  1. Go to Edit Course > Course Builder

  2. Under the Add Content section, choose the “Create a link” icon:

create a link

  1. Choose the module and then the URL > option

  2. Paste your library guide URL into the Quicklink box and choose a name for your link

  1. The new link will appear in the module:


  1. and allow students to access the guide:

students access the guide

Thank you to Georgia Highlands College Library for permission to use these instructions from their Embedded Librarians LibGuide.

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