How do I add or update my institution’s logo in GALILEO Admin?


With GALILEO Admin, you have the ability to add your institution’s logo. Currently, your institution’s logo appears to the right of any GLRI resources displayed in your database list. However, you may add a resource-specific logo that will override the institution logo. As GALILEO Admin development continues, the institution logo may be used in more ways.

Institution Logo

If no institution logo or resource logo is available for a GLRI resource, a generic image (provided by your institution) will display.

GLRI Generic Image

In GALILEO Admin, you can view your institution logo under the “Portal” tab in your institution’s record. If this area is blank, no institution logo has been set.

Institution Logo in GALILEO Admin

If you wish to add or update your institution logo in GALILEO Admin, submit a ticket to GALILEO Support using the contact form. Please make sure the institution logo you want added is approved by your institution, library, or school.

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Last Updated: Fri, July 17, 2020 - 2:45:51