What HTML tags can be used in GALILEO Admin?


Due to security and possible display issues, GALILEO Admin supports a subset of available HTML tags. Any other HTML tags will be automatically stripped out when displaying in the GALILEO portal.

HTML tags supported

  • <strong> strong text (used in place of bold tag)
  • <em> emphasized text (used in place of the italic tag)
  • <br> line break
  • <p> new paragraph
  • <a href=”...”> hyperlink

Note: Please remember to always add closing tags for each used.

Commonly used HTML tags that are no longer supported

  • <font> font face
  • <font color=”...”> font color
  • <ul> unordered list (for making a list)
  • <ol> ordered list (for making a list)
  • <li> list item (for making a list)
  • <bold> retired bold tag (use strong tag instead)
  • <i> retired italic tag (use emphasize tag instead)

Tip for Creating Lists

Since <ol>, <ul>, and <li> tags are no longer supported by GALILEO, you will need to create any listed items differently. This can be done using the code &bull; along with <br />. This code will display a bullet point.


   <li> Item 1</li>
   <li> Item 2 </li>
   <li> Item 3 </li>


   &bull; Item 1 <br />
   &bull; Item 2 <br />
   &bull; Item 3 <br />

If you’d like access to GALILEO Admin ( or need clarification about HTML tags, please request an account and training by submitting a support request.

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