What is the GALILEO bento (beta) search?


The GALILEO bento search, launched in beta format in July 2021, changes the way search results appear. When the bento search is engaged, it sorts search results according to material type.

This makes it easier to find the type of content you are looking for. For example, if you are assigned to find scholarly articles for a project, those articles are now grouped together in a bento box:

bento search results example

Overall, the bento search can provide quicker and more intuitive access to the content you need.

Turning the Bento Search On and Off

The GALILEO bento search is currently in beta. This means the GALILEO team will be collecting feedback and making continuous improvements to it until it is ready to become the default search for GALILEO.

To turn the bento search on, click the button under the search box from “off” to “on:”
bento off

Once the bento search is turned on, the button will show “on” and the database search will be integrated into the bento search: bento on

Navigating GALILEO Bento Search Results

  • The databases search is integrated into the bento search.
  • One can limit to “full text only” in the bento search results.
  • Click on the advanced search button to search in classic GALILEO Search.
  • Click the pill buttons for each bento box category to open and browse those results in another window.
  • Each bento box area shows five results.
  • The “show more results” button at the bottom of each bento box opens the full results list for that box in a new window.

Navigating bento results

Viewing Results from a Bento Window

Once you select “Show More Results” for a bento box, it will appear as shown below:

bento search results

From the new panel:

  • Full text is available for many articles. Click on the full text button to access the article. Articles will open in a new window.
  • The “Refine Search” button (top right) allows you to search in classic GALILEO Search and apply more facets/limits.
  • Move from page to page within the search results using the “previous and next” buttons at the bottom of the window. (See image below.)
  • Close the window to return to your bento results.


When to Use the Bento Search

  • When seeking specific type(s) of resources, such as scholarly articles or primary sources
  • At the beginning of your research, the bento search is a great place to start
  • If you are searching for a variety of resources and materials
  • When you are overwhelmed by a lengthy results list in other searches
  • If you are frustrated by searching Google or other typical search engines

Returning to Classic GALILEO Search

Classic GALILEO Search will remain available while the bento search is in beta. The classic search is still the default format, and you will need to turn on the bento search in order to use it.

You may revert to the classic search by clicking on the “advanced search” button while viewing bento results, or by simply turning the bento search button to “off” using the toggle.

Please share your feedback and questions about the GALILEO bento search here.

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