How do I link directly to kids’ views for K-12 schools and public libraries?


GALILEO Search provides access to kids’ views.

The views are:

  • Elementary
  • Middle School
  • High School

    The standard view of GALILEO for K-12 is the “Educator” view. This view provides links to education-specific resources.

    The standard view of GALILEO for public libraries is the “Full View.” It provides access to a complete list of GALILEO resources.

    To provide a direct link to a view, GALILEO provides shareable links in the tools area on the main portal page.

    Go to tools, then click on “shareable links.”

    Click on shareable links in tools

    Click on the shareable link button below the desired view:

    shareable link button

    Copy the shareable link in order to use it in another application:

    Copy the Shareable Link

    Click here for more information about views in GALILEO.

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