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Provides links, searches, and full-text statistics by institution for all available vendor databases.

Frequently Asked Questions

The GALILEO Usage Statistics Reporting Tool allows institutions to run reports on usage data generated from the GALILEO system and collected from our database vendors.

You may access it from this URL:

The GALILEO reporting tool allows you to group institutions by their respective GALILEO user group (USG, TCSG, GPLS, AMPALS/GPALS, public K-12 and private K-12). When selecting institutions, click on the “Select Institutions by Group” subtab to group your institution with the other institutions in your user group.

When selecting a database you wish to run a report for, you can select the subtab “Select Databases by Vendor” to view databases grouped by database vendor.

Because GALILEO doesn’t have a contractual relationship with institution’s local resources, we are unable to load vendor data into the GALILEO reporting tool from these vendors. However, for each resource you have added through GLRI, you can run a report on links chosen for these resources.

Because most of the data in the GALILEO reporting tool is data that we collect and load from our database vendors, this data isn’t all available until the third week of the following month. We announce the loading of vendor data each month via the GALILEO Statistics Listserv. Please contact us in order to be added for monthly updates.

Data in the GALILEO reporting tool is comprised of data from the GALILEO system and data collected from our database vendors. For more details about the data, please see the GALILEO statistics page.