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Take the 2023 Annual User Survey for a Chance to Win

We want to hear from you!

The 2023 GALILEO Annual User Survey is live, and it will run Nov. 1 – 17. All GALILEO and library users, including students, faculty and teachers, library staff, and others are encouraged to participate.

Those submitting a completed survey can be entered to win a $50 Amazon gift card.*

In the survey, we’ve included questions about our strategic plan, and we’re hoping to get your opinions on what GALILEO should look like in the future. Conducted since 1996, the survey checks the pulse of GALILEO and raises awareness across the state.

This year, the survey is behind the GALILEO Search portal. The following link takes users to GALILEO, where they will see the survey after logging in.

Survey express link:

The access link also is available in the GALILEO Search portal, as well as our social media and announcement Listserv.

*GALILEO staff and USG employees, including the system office and institutions, are not eligible to win.