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‘Read and Publish’ Agreement Reached with ACS Publications

GALILEO has reached an agreement on a Read and Publish offer with ACS that expands access for their full journal package to all GALILEO higher education members. The main benefits are:

  • Read access to the full journals package has been expanded to all GALILEO higher education institutions.
  • Most funding subscribers will have lower costs over the course of the four-year agreement.
  • GALILEO-affiliated “submitting corresponding” authors can publish their articles as open access under a CC BY license at no cost to them. (Check out the information on the agreement page below “I’m a prospective author. How do I publish Open Access?” for more details.)

For those receiving new access, American Chemical Society Journals can now be found in your database listings. All members can benefit from the OA publication benefit as well, and materials for promoting this benefit to your faculty can be found under the ACS listing in ConsortiaManager.

If you need a ConsortiaManager account, promotional or customized materials, please contact John Stephens at

GALILEO will offer a webinar for those who would like an introduction to using ACS Journals, so look out for that within the next few weeks. The Read and Publish offer landing page also includes step-by-step instructions and demo videos for submitting corresponding authors to help them publish under the agreement.