Data Reporting

New GALILEO Statistics Reporting Tool

We are happy to announce the release of the New GALILEO Statistics Reporting Tool found on the GALILEO Usage Statistics Reporting Tool page.

  • Fast response time
  • Report, Graphical and CSV output
  • Bookmarkable Reports
  • Date controlled Institution/Database list
  • Simplified Interface

A major change that we have made along with the new Reporting Tool is the way we are reporting EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) Search data. With FY15 data we started reporting EDS Searches separately, so there will no longer be an exponential inflation in Search data for EBSCO databases. Search data for EDS will be broken out separately and listed in the GALILEO Usage Statistics Reporting Tool as a separate database (EBSCO Discovery Service) with the option to view the data by GALILEO user interface (Scholar, High School, Kid’s Page etc…).page.

Starting with FY15 data, a new stats type (Database Session) will be available for the following vendors in the new GALILEO Usage Statistics Reporting Tool: EBSCO (ehost databases and EBSCO Discovery Service [EDS]), LexisNexis and SIRS. This stats type counts the number of user visits to a database

Also, please consider signing up for the new Statistics Listserv, which will mostly be used to announce the monthly loading of vendor data into the GALILEO Reporting Tool and the occasional message concerning statistics. Please Contact Us to have your name added.