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March Trainings: Open Education Week, Digital Library of Georgia and More

Upcoming March webinars include trainings from Digital Library of Georgia and ProQuest, as well as Affordable Learning during Open Education Week. See below for registration and other details.

Low-to-No Cost Class Materials (Open Education Week)
Date/Time: March 2 @ 12 p.m.

The Russell Library and the Center for Teaching and Learning will lead a conversation on cost-saving benefits to students, connecting open educational resources to student success, and about Affordable Learning Georgia grants.

Share and Share Alike: A Guide to Creative Commons Licenses (Open Education Week)
Date/Time: March 2 @ 12 p.m.

Nikki Cannon-Rech, a librarian at Georgia Southern University, will explain the intricacies of Creative Commons Licenses and how they connect to the 5 Rs of OER during this Kennesaw State University webinar.

The OER Files: Open Education Myths Explained (Open Education Week)
Date/Time: March 3 @ 1:30 p.m.

Jeff Gallant and Tiffani Reardon of Affordable Learning Georgia will debunk common myths surrounding open education resources during this Kennesaw State University webinar.

Creative Commons Workshop (Open Education Week)
Date/Time: March 4 @ 12:00 p.m.

Join Georgia College’s Russell Library for this workshop on Creative Commons licenses. Learn to manage your copyrights as well as find other Creative Commons material you can use in your classroom.

Access Granted: An OER Panel Discussion with KSU Faculty (Open Education Week)
Date/Time: March 4 @ 12:00 p.m.

ALG Textbook Transformation Grant recipients will discuss their experiences with creating open educational resources during this Kennesaw State University webinar.

Register for Maximizing Ebook access on the ProQuest Ebook Central Platform
Date/Time: March 4 @ 1:00 p.m.

In the last 12 months the demand for access to Ebooks has grown exponentially. The quick shift to remote learning has caused library staff to reevaluate book purchases to support teaching and learning in this new environment. In this session we will review tips and best practices to maximize ebook access on the ProQuest Ebook Central Platform.

Green Means Go: Depositing Your Lesson Plan into an Institutional Repository (Open Education Week)
Date/Time: March 5 @ 12:00 p.m.

Co-presenters Elizabeth Thomas and Heather Hankins will provide listeners with steps to creating open lesson plans and sustaining open access by depositing those plans into the DigitalCommons, KSU’s institutional repository.

DLG Virtual Discussion Group on SEO and Digital Library Discoverability
Date/Time: March 11 @ 2 p.m.

Come share your questions, successes, and problems making your digital collections discoverable.

Save the Program: Creating a Funeral Program Collection at Your Library
Date/Time: March 18 @ 2 p.m.

Presenters Perida Mitchell, Tamika Strong, and Tina Monaco will discuss how to establish, publicize, and foster community relationships for public libraries in Georgia interested in building a funeral program collection from the ground up. Other topics will include rights and privacy issues as well as the process of storing, organizing and ultimately digitizing your funeral program collections. Finally, all three presenters will offer tips and suggestions based on their own project experiences to guide those just getting started. If time allows, a question and answer session will follow.

Affordable Learning Georgia Featured Speaker Series: OpenStax Algebra and Trigonometry Adoption
Date/Time: March 12 @ 12 p.m.
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Samuel Dolo and Talihun Muche from Savannah State University will discuss the process of creating OpenStax algebra and trigonometry course materials. Attendees may join the presentation, register for reminders, and watch archived recordings from fall 2020 on the speaker series webpage.

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