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February Trainings: Register for Vendor and Partner Webinars

GALILEO partners and vendors will be conducting trainings in February that you may be interested in. See below for registration and other details.

LibKey: Faster, simpler and more reliable access to content from any point of discovery
Date/Time: Feb 9 @ 11 a.m.

Online learning is now a larger feature of the education landscape. With the significant number of students and faculty using the internet for research and accessing library services remotely. Simplifying and expediting access to content has never been more important.

Join Third Iron Co-founder and CEO Kendall Bartsch to learn how the new LibKey services can keep libraries at the center of the research process. She’ll provide an overview of LibKey, share benefits libraries report using LibKey, and provide details on the new LibKey Link and services.

This webinar is primarily for college campuses.

Infobase: Films on Demand Webinar Series

Films On Demand, the flagship streaming video platform from Infobase, offers nearly 44,000 titles across 1,000-plus subject categories, all of which include unlimited usage, unlimited simultaneous viewing, and public performance rights. This webinar will highlight specific strengths of the various subject areas that are part of the Master Academic Collection. We’ll also outline the wealth of methods provided for finding, playing, and sharing videos, as well as point out the many available customization options such as creating custom segments and playlists, organizing all of your favorite content, and much more!


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Free DLG Webinar: SEO for Digital Libraries
Date/Time: Feb 18 @ 2 p.m.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one way to promote use and discovery of digital library websites and materials. How can libraries make their online content more visible to search engines like Google? This presentation will cover how search indexers work; actionable SEO strategies; tools you can use; and ongoing challenges and limitations. DLG and Georgia Public Library Service’s Archival Services and Digitization Initiatives will host/present.

OpenAthens Multiple Administrators Training
Date/Time: Feb. 25 @ 11 a.m.

In February, OpenAthens will be adding functionality to OpenAthens administration that will allow institutions to assign multiple OpenAthens administrators. On February 25, OpenAthens staff will host a live, online training on the benefits of having multiple OpenAthens administrators, while demonstrating the new functionality and answering questions about the new feature.

Affordable Learning Georgia Featured Speaker Series
Date/Time: Feb. 26 @ 11 a.m.
Join Link:

Ulrike Ingram of Kennesaw State University will discuss the process of creating the open resource “Introduction to Cartography.” Attendees may join the presentation, register for reminders, and watch archived recordings from fall 2020 on the speaker series webpage.

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