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Buyer’s Remorse: Check Consumer Reports

In the holiday rush did you buy (or receive) something that you’re wondering if you should take back? We’ve all been there.

Calm your worries by checking the 2022 Consumer Reports Buying Guide for free via GALILEO.

The guide features buying advice and ratings on more than 2,000 products, including home items, electronics and autos. The guide also features a comparison of appliance and electronics retailers, such as Amazon and Target.

Consumer Reports’ normal annual digital subscription is $39, or $10 a month. But, full-text articles from each online edition of Consumer Reports, dating back to 1985, are available free to all Georgia residents and students when accessed from GALILEO.

Access Consumer Reports via GALILEO with these steps:

  • From the bento search box type “Consumer Reports.”
  • Then select any of the journal bento box entries with “MasterFILE Elite” noted.
  • If presented with a search bar, type Consumer Reports and click on one of the queries for access.
  • You may then click the name of the publication (Consumer Reports Buying Guide, Consumer Reports, or others) in the “source” field, then “search within this publication” or chose from an issue to listed to the right.
  • To search across multiple issues for a particular product, click “Search within this publication” [Note: Type the word “and” along with your topic in the search box (e.g., “and digital cameras”)]

(You can access MasterFILE Elite from this express link: Some links may not work off site. Click the database name or log in to GALILEO first for access.)