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2023 Annual Survey Results Are In

The 2023 GALILEO Annual User Survey results show users continue to see the state’s virtual library as a valuable learning resource. A total of 1,339 surveys were analyzed for the annual report.

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About 88 percent strongly agreed or agreed that GALILEO was a valuable service, which is on part with recent years. Additionally, acceptance of the Bento box feature continues to grow, though many still favor the Classic search.

“GALILEO makes it easy to find credible academic resources that you can’t find anywhere else. It allows me to save money for acquiring articles,” said one undergraduate respondent.

For the first time, the GALILEO Annual User Survey included a strategic planning section to garner feedback on the five-year planning document that informs our mid- to long-term goals.

We implemented GALILEO’s current strategic plan in June 2017, with the intention of updating it before 2022. But the COVID pandemic began in 2020, pushing back the process a couple of years.

Now that we – and our patrons – have largely adapted to the post-pandemic era, we believed it was a great time to engage the public in our strategic planning process. Media specialists, librarians and library staff were the only respondents asked to comment on the strategic plan.

Top priorities for respondents include:

  • Data literacy training for adults/college
  • More Open Access content
  • A GALILEO Search app
  • A better “did you mean” functionality
  • A more kid-friendly interface for K-12
  • Integration of AI to help with searching

In 2024, we will continue to reassess any critical needs for GALILEO improvement as we complete the strategic plan.

GALILEO is an invaluable resource to Georgia citizens,” said one respondents. “With disinformation and misinformation increasingly an issue, the high quality, reliable information provided by GALILEO is critical to developing an informed society.”

View the final report: GALILEO Annual User Survey 2023 Report