What is the database search?


The GALILEO database search provides users with a way to search through all the databases in GALILEO.

This is helpful when researchers are looking for a specific database assigned by an instructor or when seeking information on a specific topic.

You can search by database name, keyword, or subject/topic:

GALILEO database search

The search results for the GALILEO database present a list of possible places to search:

database search

Each database entry has a short description, a button for capturing the GALILEO express link so you can bookmark or add the database to a document, etc.

The “More Info” button will display more detailed information about the database. There are also options to email or text the database information to yourself for later use:

more info

GALILEO also includes databases as a category in the bento search. For example, a researcher seeking information about Georgia and the Civil War using the bento search is presented with a list of databases that may help to narrow the search:


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