How do I access and use the full version of PowerNotes at my college/university?



The full version of PowerNotes is now available for all GALILEO academic institutions (-PALS, TCSG, USG).

PowerNotes is a browser plugin (Chrome, Firefox) that provides the following functionality:

  • Capture text, links, and sources for easy organization
  • Organize and manage information for specific projects
  • See GALILEO Search results combined with your Google search results

    PowerNotes is used for project organization:

    powernotes organization

    Powernotes integrates GALILEO Search results from your local EBSCO Discovery Service profile (including local resources activated in EDS) alongside your Google search results.


    Getting Started With PowerNotes

    Create a PowerNotes Account
    Note: You must use your institutional email account to get access to the full version of PowerNotes and to see GALILEO Search results in Google.

  • Go to PowerNotes
  • Click on login: powernoteslogin

  • From the login screen you can either login with OpenAthens by finding your institution, then logging in with your local credentials. You can also simply type in your email. In most cases, your school email will be recognized, then you will be prompted to login.

    Note: If your college or university is affiliated with GALILEO and you are not prompted to login through your institutional single sign on, go ahead and create an account with your institutional e-mail. Your institution’s email should be recognized. If not, contact GALILEO.


    Get the PowerNotes Browser Extension

  • Once you have logged in, add the PowerNotes browser extension (Chrome, Firefox) to access to all PowerNotes functionality
  • This short video will help you get started with PowerNotes
  • If you have questions about PowerNotes, visit PowerNotes help

    Librarians: If you would like to have PowerNotes staff contact you regarding training or working with you to promote PowerNotes on your campus, contact PowerNotes.

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