GALILEO Subcommittees

Accessibility Committee

The GALILEO Accessibility Committee helps ensure that websites and content provided through GALILEO are compliant with ADA and current standards for accessibility.  The committee also assists in accessibility evaluations for library websites and locally licensed resources.  The committee currently focuses on the following areas:

  • Assists with assessment of websites and content provided through GALILEO
  • Collaborates on methods for local resource assessment
  • Provides opportunities for training and discussion

Accessibility Committee LibGuide

The Accessibility Committee maintains a LibGuide to communicate best practices and serve as a starting resource for people interested in accessibility for library e-resources and online content.

Current committee members

(USG) Whitney Bates-Gomez - Georgia State University

(AMPALS) Imani Beverly - Atlanta University Center

(GPALS) Jamie Coen - LaGrange College

(TCSG) Stephanie Coney - Southern Regional Technical College

(USG) Tanya Darden - Georgia College & State University

(TCSG) Colin Eade - Chattahoochee Technical College

(USG) Austina Jordan - University of North Georgia

(USG) Patty Kenly - Georgia Institute of Technology

(GPLS) Gina Martin - Georgia Library Service

(USG) Mandy Mastrovita - Digital Library of Georgia

(USG) Angela Megaw - University of North Georgia

(USG) Admira Milinkovic - Georgia State University

(GPALS) Felecia Moore - LaGrange College

(USG) Anu Moorthy - Georgia Institute of Technology

(USG) Jason Puckett - Georgia State University

(USG) Craig Schroer - University of West Georgia

(TCSG) Rachel-Anne Spencer - Savannah Technical College

(USG) Tonderleir Thornton - University of Georgia

(GPALS) Kate Williams - Life University 

(GPLS) Sarah Trowbridge - Georgia Library Service

(TCSG) Emily Weak - Chattahoochee Technical College

(USG) Joshua Wier - GALILEO Interconnected Libraries