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Usage Statistics

While we try to include as much data from our vendors as we can obtain, the data available in the Reporting Tool isn’t comprehensive of all the data that’s available from our vendors. If you require data that is not available in the GALILEO Reporting Tool, please Contact Us to see if we can obtain this data directly from the vendor.


Currently, the usage data available in the Reporting Tool isn’t COUNTER compliant, but we strive to collect COUNTER reports for vendors where COUNTER reports are available and can be harvested in a consortial format. Although data in the GALILEO Reporting Tool isn’t from vendor COUNTER reports, institutions can obtain COUNTER reports directly from the vendor. Some vendors offer the ability to schedule monthly automated delivery of COUNTER reports to your email. Please Contact Us if you need COUNTER reports.

Which GALILEO Vendors offer COUNTER Reports?


For more information on COUNTER Compliant data, please see the following links: