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Privacy Policy for GALILEO 2.1

General Principles

As an information provider to institutions and individuals in the state of Georgia, GALILEO adheres to the Code of Ethics of the American Library Association and the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia Data Privacy Policy.

GALILEO authenticates users to licensed content using OpenAthens. GALILEO and OpenAthens comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  1. Information / data GALILEO collects on consortial groups and institutions:

GALILEO collects contact information from its member libraries, institutions, and consortia groups for relevant staff (for policy questions, reference service, technical contacts); technical data (IP addresses, identity provider information, etc.). Note: this does not include any personal information on individual non-staff users.

  1. Information / data GALILEO collects on individual users:

    IP or institutional affiliation via password, platform, server, browser, email address, session ID.

    • Users of GALILEO are individual patrons of member libraries and institutions. Maintaining the accuracy of user data remains the responsibility of those member institutions.
    • GALILEO authentication allows users to access licensed content, and certain information about the user (“attributes”) is required to support that business function. Typically, GALILEO collects minimal attributes (e.g., firstname, lastname, unique identifier, e-mail) from member institutions to support these business functions.
    • In some cases, institutions may pass additional information in order to customize or personalize services (e.g., school, program of study, year of study). All such information is encrypted in transit.
    • Some specific applications (e.g., submitting a support request) may require the user to submit additional information for diagnostic purposes to support those business functions.
  2. Use of that information:

Data are collected in order to conduct the business of the GALILEO project and deliver services to participating institutions and their users.

If you suspect your sensitive personal data has been exposed to unauthorized access, or if you would like to exercise “…the right to access, rectify incorrect data or erase personal data, restrict or object to processing, and the right to data portability” as provided by GDPR, please contact the Help Desk at Note: Exercising of these rights is a guarantee to be afforded a process and not the guarantee of an outcome.

Otherwise, general questions concerning GDPR can be forwarded to

Updated December 2019.