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GALILEO Access Policies and Information 1.1

GALILEO produces and provides many databases that are available to any Web user, including the Digital Library of Georgia. GALILEO controls access to other databases through user authentication, as required by contracts with the databases’ vendors. The GALILEO system handles this authentication by validating the IP addresses of computers at all participating GALILEO institutions, and also by issuing passwords to these institutions for remote users.

All GALILEO participating libraries, whether public or private, excluding schools (K-12), must provide some kind of access to GALILEO for the public, whether through open access to all library facilities, limited access to designated workstations, waiting lists, or other means. In this way, participating libraries fulfill the vision of GALILEO and reciprocate the sharing spirit in which it was created.

Authorized Users

GALILEO’s user communities in Georgia include K-12 schools, public libraries, University System of Georgia institutions, technical colleges and institutes, and colleges and universities in the Georgia Private Academic Libraries (GPALS) and Atlanta-Macon Private Academic Libraries (AMPALS) consortia. The Georgia General Assembly funds a core group of databases for all of these communities except AMPALS and GPALS, which provide their own funding for the same core resources. In addition to these databases, each community also has the option to purchase access to additional databases of its choice.

All current students, registered borrowers, and full- and part-time faculty and staff at participating GALILEO institutions are eligible for access to GALILEO’s authenticated resources. All citizens of Georgia are eligible for access to GALILEO’s authenticated resources through their local public libraries.

Only educational institutions are eligible to participate in GALILEO. Current contracts do not allow access to licensed databases for alumni, non-enrolled students, federal-government-affiliated research sites, and medical and special libraries not affiliated with degree-granting institutions.

Password Distribution for Libraries and Users

GALILEO distributes passwords by e-mail to designated contacts at each institution. At colleges, universities, technical institutes, and public libraries, these contacts are library directors and any additional faculty and staff designated by these directors. Media center staff serve as GALILEO’s password contacts at K-12 schools. GALILEO does not give passwords directly to students, library patrons, or other faculty or staff.

GALILEO password recipients whose e-mail addresses change should report these changes to GALILEO Support Services, and library directors or their designees should inform GALILEO when password recipients leave their institutions or new recipients should be added. All K-12 media center staff may submit their e-mail addresses to receive passwords. Please use GALILEO’s Contact Us feature to request these additions or changes.

Students, library patrons, faculty, and staff should contact their library reference departments or media centers to receive their current GALILEO passwords. Students, faculty, and staff at University System of Georgia institutions can use the Your Account section of GIL to retrieve their current passwords online.

GALILEO Support Services will gladly change an institution’s assigned password at the request of the institution’s library director or, in the case of K-12 school systems, the head of media or head of school. Please use the Contact Us feature to request password changes.

Responsible Use of Passwords

Library staff should not distribute passwords on open websites, in public newsletters or mailings, or over an open telephone message. An institution may provide a mechanism for online or telephone password distribution only if that mechanism requires all users to verify their affiliation with that institution before receiving the password. Each library is responsible for the distribution of passwords to verified students, faculty, staff, and patrons only. Users should not distribute their institutions’ passwords to other people.

Password Notification and Change Schedules

To ensure security, passwords change several times a year.

For University System of Georgia institutions, password changes occur on these dates:

For GPALS institutions, password changes occur on these dates:

For AMPALS institutions, password changes occur on these dates:

For Technical Colleges, password changes occur on these dates:

For Public Libraries, password changes occur on these dates:

For K-12 schools, password changes occur on these dates:

Approximately one month before each scheduled change, the GALILEO system automatically selects a new password for each institution and e-mails that upcoming password to the designated contacts listed in the GALILEO Institution Database.

GALILEO staff will review these dates annually and adjust to avoid weekend change dates.

Communities are welcome to request a different change date via the GALILEO Steering Committee representative for that community.

Please submit any access-related questions not answered on this page to GALILEO Support Services through the Contact Us feature.