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Change Management Process for GALILEO

GALILEO conducts a change management process in order to ensure that changes to GALILEO systems occur in a planned and systematic fashion. The aim is to more effectively balance requested changes with the resources, technology, and time that are required to implement them, and to prioritize these requests along with other projects. The major benefit is ensuring that the most valued goals are given priority and accomplished within reasonable timeframes.

A change management process is a typical part of the life-cycle of software development and includes methods for gathering change requests for modifications and enhancements, evaluating the requests for feasibility, prioritizing based on feedback, time, and available resources, and scheduling or deferring the requests for implementation. Change requests for GALILEO can include, but are not limited to:

Requests received from usability testing, librarians, users, the GALILEO Reference Committee, and other groups are reviewed for impact, feasibility, and resource requirements, and prioritized and ranked for implementation. As development occurs, feedback on prototypes is solicited from the GALILEO Reference Committee and GALILEO users. As much as possible, development is scheduled to be rolled-out to users at the end of the sixth month cycle.