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Posted May 30, 2012

Tip: Find Out about the Next Book in a Series with NoveList Series Alerts

Want to know when a new book has been added to that series you’ve been reading and love so much?

NoveList has a Series Alert feature that will notify you when a new title in the series has been added. To set up an alert for your favorite series,

1) Log in to NoveList

2) In the Search for… box in NoveList, type in the name of the series, the author, or a title in the series

3) In the search results, click any link to the title of the series

4) When you see the series list with the books in that series, click the “Create alert for this series” link just above the title of the series

5) This creates an RSS alert, but if you prefer email notifications, you will need to click “sign in and create a new alert” in the pop-up window to sign in to (or create) a free My EBSCOhost account to save the alert

This feature appears for popular, ongoing series, but not for a series that has been completed. NoveList staff strive to add series titles up to two months before the publication date, and these titles are tagged as “Forthcoming” in NoveList.